Marriage. Yes, no, or maybe, is the time right for you? Relationships are a delightfully complicated adventure. Most of us do manage to find the one person in this world that seems perfect for us and it ultimately does result in an exchange of rings and a vow to eternally love one. This works out for about 50% of us. It's a serious decision with equally serious rewards and consequences. This index of ideas is here to help you decide.

Senior Love and Remarriage: 
Cupid doesn't recognize guidelines when it comes to how old you are when you fall in love. It happens to us at any age. Where elderly seniors are concerned there are times when the lines of love and remarriage grow a little fuzzier and especially when dementia or family assets are brought into the discussion.

When is it Right: 
Judging if a relationship is the right one for you can at times be a little difficult. During the early years of a union there are many factors which can cloud our ability to see our partner in a clear light. We are emotional creatures and as it turns out, love is filled with an overload of that stuff.

How to Say No to a Marriage Proposal: 
Sometimes you are not ready for that large of a commitment but the question comes to you anyway. How do you say no? It's an emotion laden situation with a huge risk of someone being very hurt if you answer the way you want to.

Is Love Over Rated: 
New love can all too often be viewed with far too unrealistic of expectations. It can be one of the main reasons that a relationship is doomed not to succeed. When the fairy tale stops being fun some people turn tale and run.