New Love

New relationships are a tantalizing bombardment of physical and emotional sensation ending in the securement of a potential forever mate or the despair of a broken heart. Having enjoyed my fair share of this self induced turmoil these tales, tips, and informative ramblings are here to help you through it.

Falling in Love the Chemical Changes in the Brain:
It doesn't just strike the heart, when you fall in love the brain releases a dizzying array of chemicals that will have you riding an emotional wave. Up one minute and down the next, grinning like a silly kid or sobbing with your head under the pillow you can blame this one on your body. Be prepared to last this one out, the chemical sensations can stick around for a year or two.

Soul Mates:
Predestined to meet or simply a chance of fate, how lovers find each other in this great big world is as enchanting as it is romantic. True love has a bond so strong that it makes the theory of soul mates a strong reality. Two individuals of like mind and heart existing in separate bodies but their souls always linked and never truly far apart.

How to Find a Girl:
How do you find someone to love? It's not always easy and especially when you are first starting out. Don't know where to look, can't get her to notice you, or lacking self confidence? Well guys listen up, she is out there waiting for you to find her and these tips may help you out.

Why Looks Matter:
There are many reasons why appearance has such a large influence within a first meeting. When looking for a mate our preconceived ideals come to the forefront. Good teeth, attractive build, and a healthy appearance will make a good breeding partner, then add into play the media ideals displayed to us from childhood into adulthood.

Cupid and Saint Valentine's Day:
There is a reason these two individuals are connected to February 14th. This day of love finds its makings far back in history. We are not even sure who the true Saint Valentine is but as for Cupid his connection to Venus insured that he would always be present where there are thoughts of love.