Date Anxiety

Dating is emotional stuff. It is natural to suffer a little anxiety as we meet someone new and when we get into the complexity of falling in love there are bound to be a few interesting occurrences along the way. Love is wonderfully amazing stuff. This is an index of tips, tales, and ideas to help you solve a few of the concerns you may have.

First Date Stress Management: 
Whether it is your first dating experience or you are re-entering the world of relationships, it can be scary. A little anxiety is perfectly normal and it can be justifiable. One of the best ways to relieve the stress is to get to the core of the issues causing it.

Social Anxiety Phobia: 
There are a number of social phobias that can add a healthy dose of fear to falling in love. This is a humorous peek at the anxieties that get a little out of control when it comes to communicating with others of our species. 

Shake off the stress - We don't need that nasty old stuff.

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