My Secret Love

We have all had them, those secret loves that for one reason or another we cannot bring ourselves to tell anyone about. No, not even the person that we desire. 

This secret adoration exists within our hopes, dreams, and imagination but for one reason or another it never manages to develop into anything more. We keep these relationships hidden in our heart because sometimes that infatuation just isn't right and love proves that it isn't all that easy to find.

Love is not always so simple a thing to fall into and my over creative imagination could not help but dwell on this subject a little more than it should. Sometimes we have to work very diligently to find and develop a lasting relationship and that is where this little tale of love gone wrong has come from.

I tried to turn quickly enough to avoid him but there is no hope of that happening. He has already spotted me and his arms are busy flagging me down.

I flash a halfhearted attempt at a smile in his direction and although I am sure that it looks more like a grimace than a greeting there just isn't anything better that I can muster up. I just want to sink into the crack between the floorboards and quietly disappear from view.

An office relationship should never happen but worse than that, he's my new supervisor and in the world of dating that means that he is strictly off limits. Totally taboo.

There should be a law against anyone that cute being in charge of an office full of women. Worse yet than just being gorgeous the guy is single and a super sweetheart. It is just one big recipe for disaster. Half the women in the office can no longer focus on their jobs and the other half are busy baking cherry pie and cookies for him. I kind of figure that my best defence is to avoid him like the plague. Why are the best ones always off limits? 

So there he is, smelling like a Greek god and oozing out compliments. I'm seeing visions of he and I, a little white picket fence, and of course images of wild passionate love. I just want to kick him one really good one in the shins.

I refuse to act like the rest of the office but he seems to have sensed this and he is picked up on my vulnerability. He seems intent on winning me over. He is constantly singling me out and it is starting to wear down my defences. I stutter out a thank you as he congratulates me on a job well down.Then he turns and walks away and I reach up to wipe the drool from my face. Life just isn't fair. It is his fault not mine - I tried to avoid him.

How ridiculous, it is almost like a competition around here. Marsha glares at me from across the room. I can see on her desk a brown bag that I am presuming is filled with more of her home baked goodies. She's probably waiting till just before closing to pass them along and hoping to get a moment alone with him after everyone else has left. What a gal.

I just want to go home. I turn my back to her and as I do I run smack dab into his chest. "I'd like you to stay a little later if you can", he says and I croak out a squeaky little, "Okay".

Now you cannot even begin to imagine how long it took for five o'clock to roll around. Eternity had nothing up on this day. Time officially stood still for the remainder of it. All that I can think for the rest of the day is that he wants to be alone with me. 

Actually it turns out that he wants me to help him out with a difficult project but it all adds up to pretty much the same situation, he and I alone in a great big office. The time ticks by so slowly. ALONE! Nobody else around to diffuse anything that might just happen to develop.

Then the clock finally buzzes, the office eventually clears, and while he and I sit there and work his boyfriend drops by to say hi.
Unspoken Love: The object of our affections may be married, too old or too young, a coworker, or someone from the wrong side of the tracks. Whatever the reason for our unrequited loves they happen. Then we find the courage within to move on to a more realistic love that has the potential to be a forever relationship. We walk away and we move forward.

Not every love Is meant to be returned but true love is out there waiting for you to find it. Keep searching. I found mine.

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