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My Secret Love

We have all had them, those secret loves that for one reason or another we cannot bring ourselves to tell anyone about. No, not even the person that we desire. 

This secret adoration exists within our hopes, dreams, and imagination but for one reason or another it never manages to develop into anything more. We keep these relationships hidden in our heart because sometimes that infatuation just isn't right and love proves that it isn't all that easy to find.

Love is not always so simple a thing to fall into and my over creative imagination could not help but dwell on this subject a little more than it should. Sometimes we have to work very diligently to find and develop a lasting relationship and that is where this little tale of love gone wrong has come from.

I tried to turn quickly enough to avoid him but there is no hope of that happening. He has already spotted me and his arms are busy flagging me down.
I flash a halfhearted attempt at a smile in his direction and although I a…