Why Looks Matter

Love at first sight or animal attraction?  When a chance or first meeting leads to that all important first date then physical appearance does tend to have a great deal of influence in our dating choices. 

There are definitely times when a person's looks will have us wanting to get a little closer to that special someone. There are distinct characteristics that naturally attract us to other people. Some elusive quality that causes us to want to learn more about them. An element of their personality or physique that entices us to want to spend more time with them. We desire further investigation.

Sometimes it is a mannerism such as the way a person laughs or the way their eyes light up when they smile that attracts us to them. The attraction is certainly a physical one. It can be enticing the way a person's jeans hug their hips or the way their figure looks as they turn. It can be an illusive quality that leaves us wanting to investigate and learn more about them but whatever it is that attracts us, we definitely want to get a little closer. 

Although we may not realize it one of the most powerful influences of another person is their stature. Many women are attracted to taller larger build men rather than short and so vice versa are men often attracted to smaller build women. 

Our subjection to media images can cause us to view specific body types as representing the ideal image of a future mate. A larger man will make the lady by his side appear smaller than she actually is while a slighter build lady will make the male standing by her side appear larger than he actually is.

Although we may not stop to analyze our choice it may be an unconscious decision to select a partner who's stature compliments and enhances our own body image. Another reason that we may take a person's looks into account when we are selecting a date may actually go way back to our primitive instinct in mate selection.

We may look at a persons physical attributes and characteristics and be attracted to them because these are qualities that we would like to pass on to our future offspring. Although we may think that the other person is cute and that is why they attract us, it is just as likely that our primitive instinct of seeking out the ideal mate for procreation may be influencing our preference. Good teeth, nice posture, and a good build would then all be qualities that attract us to a possible mate.

Most of us would think that when choosing a dating partner cleanliness would also be a major factor in our decision making process. Someone who shows up for a date in clothes that are wrinkled, smells badly, or who overall just looks like a mess should not be likely to get our attention.

A first meeting is an occasion when you want to make a good impression and an unkempt appearance could definitely put a damper on that. Of course this reasoning can actually have a tendency to work in reverse.
Worn clothing and sweat can be seen as indicative of someone who works hard for their living.

It probably goes back to the search for a viable mate that a hardworking person can be highly attractive. Studies find that one of the most attractive scents to a women is the smell of a man's sweat combined with a light fruit or ocean breeze scent.

The emotional demeaner of the person is another high determinant in how we will view a potential mate. People who are happy, smiling, or laughing are certainly more likely to be found attractive when compared to a scowling angry person.

Personality and mood are reflected in a person's facial expression and overall physical appearance so these are factors that draw us to a potential partner. Where instant attraction is concerned a person's emotional makeup definitely comes into play. Physical appearance does matter when it comes to whether or not we choose to date someone. If you are single keep this in mind as you head off to start your day. 

You never know when a chance encounter may lead to something more so always be prepared. There are ways to make yourself a more attractive target for those seeking love, whether it is through the clothes you wear or the persona you display.

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