Social Anxiety Phobia

A phobia is an intense anxiety or fear that occurs whenever a susceptible person is exposed to a specific situation, activity, item, or place. This is a tongue in cheek peek at social phobias. Something that can definitely make dating a nerve wracking experience.

So now that we understand the problem let's take a little lighthearted look into the hidden terrors that live within the mind of some potential daters. It can be pretty darn scary out there as a single and some of us are prone to feeling a little more apprehensive than others which certainly does not help to make the situation any easier. You are not alone in your fears.

It is normal to feel anxious in many social situations but when these fears become irrational or uncontrollable then this is when they earn the right to be classed as a social phobia. A social phobia occurs when we find ourselves suffering from a persistent or irrational fear in our interactions with other individuals.

So what are some of the phobias that a single person may run into in their search for love? There are actually quite a few weird or wacky ones that will help to keep you from developing a lasting relationship so read on.

Social Anxieties are the 3rd Most Common U.S. Mental Disorder 

Dating and finding the perfect person to fall in love with can be stressful at the best of times. Meeting new people, checking to see if they are someone you might like to include into your social circle and trying to make a good impression can cause a lot of personal insecurities to rise to the surface.

The fears that come along with dating are all perfectly normal but occasionally social anxiety goes to extremes and this is when dating and creating relationships becomes a little more difficult. For those individuals who suffer from extreme social anxiety it can be frightening to try to form new relationships.

Folks who suffer from social anxiety disorders generally want to find a special person who they can settle down with but unfortunately their fears make it virtually impossible for another person to get close. Under those circumstances finding a lasting relationship can be difficult indeed.

Androphobia is a social phobia that can really hamper a lady's efforts to get a date. So guys if you notice that your blind date runs screaming from the room when she first lays eyes on you then Androphobia might be the social phobia that she is suffering from.

Androphobia is a fear of men which makes it quite obvious that this deep rooted anxiety could dramatically restrict a lady's ability to socialize with members of the opposite sex. A woman who suffers from androphobia is not going to be very trustful of men.

If the girl of your dreams suffers from this social anxiety then it is really gonna hurt your chances of getting close to her. This is one form of aversion that is really gonna restrict a gals options when dating.

On the opposite side of the coin is Gynephobia which is a fear of women. So girls if your blind date comes toward you with a look of pure dread in his eyes it may be because he is terrified of you. Quite a compliment huh?

A deep based anxiety of women may prevent the Gynephobic from ever venturing into searching for a relationship. If he does get up the courage to go out with a woman then he could have some real issues in the security department and difficulty maintaining a friendship with a member of the opposite sex. Men who suffer from this type of social phobia are definitely going to have problems when it comes to finding and keeping a lady. He's likely to be hopping from one broken relationship to another. 

You might get a date with someone who suffers from Genophobia but just don't expect to be going home with them at any point in the near foreseeable future.

Genophobia is a deep rooted fear of sexual intercourse. Hmmm? That could indeed put a damper on things in the love department couldn't it? Sounds like you may be sleeping on the couch. You may get a date with the person who suffers from this anxiety but it really is going to dramatically affect how your relationship will develop from that point onward. This is a social phobia that is definitely going to affect your love life.

Erotophobia is a social phobia that gets right down to the root of the problem. These folks suffer from a deep fear of sexual topics or sexual love. Hands off please!
Socially speaking you may be able to be friends with a person who suffers from this phobia but forget about getting any closer than that. Erotophobia causes an extreme anxiety when it comes to sexual love. 

This person is not going to want to be intimate with anyone. In fact this person may suffer so much anxiety at the mere thought of intimacy that they will not even want to discuss the issue with you. This fear is certain to cause a few problems when it comes to dating and developing a lasting relationship.

For those individuals who suffer from Gymnophobia dating really is not the problem. Crawling into bed with their love interest is not a problem either. Where things get difficult for this person is in the nudity department. These individuals have an irrational fear of nudity.

A person who suffers from this social phobia may have to figure out how to get out of their clothes without being seen by their love interest. Their anxiety on the nudity issue may not end there. They may not only suffer from a fear of their own nudity but this person may also not want to see anyone else nude either. 

Now how is that relationship gonna work out? If you don't mind changing in the dark then this potential relationship phobia might actually not be too much of a problem for you. Just be sure to close the curtains on nights with a full moon before you get social.
We Are Not Perfect - What We Are is Human

Alblutophobia is a fear of cleaning, washing, or bathing and it is definitely a phobia that is going to affect how you interact with other people. This anxiety will indeed diminish your opportunities for finding the love of your life.

Uncleanliness, rotting teeth, or an exceptionally bad body odor emanating from your person will be one of the first things that other people are going to notice about you. Which means that the person who suffers from alblutophobia is going to have a few little problems out there in the dating world.

Slow dancing on the dance floor? I don't think so and forget about snuggling cause that just won't happen either. Alblutophobia is definitely a form of anxiety based phobia that is going to strongly affect your social life.

Germophobia or Bacteriophobia:
Germophobia (also known as Bacteriophobia) like so many other phobias is an anxiety based illness that can become a real issue in many social situations.

If a dater has germophobia, or bacteriophobia, then this person is suffering from a tremendous fear of contamination, bacteria, and germs. So if your date shows up wearing a face mask and latex or cotton gloves just be aware of the fact that they may not want you to get too close to them.

This phobia can manifest itself in a form of obsessive-compulsive disorder. In order to avoid contamination the person may not want to touch other people or objects. They may have an over dependency on cleanliness, and spend considerable time washing and cleansing themselves, as well as any objects that they come in close contact with.

A person suffering from germophobia may view you as a horrible germ bearing, bacteria laden, disease riddled creature. No offense intended. This anxiety based phobia may prevent this person from going out on a date with you. This phobia will also very much affect how he/she will act if you do wind up in a relationship.

Telephone Phobia:
Telephone phobia is really quite self explanatory. A person who suffers from this phobia is afraid of the phone. Hopefully the telephone phobic is going to be using the more modern means of Internet dating to acquire a love partner because this person's fear of phones could make courtship a little inconvenient. Thank heavens some creative individuals invented the computer, internet dating, and email. This form of social phobia can be worked around.

 Introvert or Extrovert: Being Either is Okay
I am not too sure how a person with Xenophobia will succeed in the dating world unless they are able to conquer their anxiety disorder. Xenophobia is a fear of strangers. At some point along the way one must actually meet another person if you are to eventually date them. 

It is a simple fact. Strangers become acquaintances and from that point the relationship can move forward into a closer emotional connection if both parties agree. So unless an xenophobic is planning to date the person who lives next door or his or her second cousin twice removed then the Xenophobic is going to have to conquer their gosh awful fear of strangers.

Sociophobia is the ultimate social phobia. Sociophobiacs are people who suffer from an irrational fear of social situations, interactions with other people, or interactions within group settings.

Unfortunately, it is a known fact that one must interact with another person in order to develop a relationship with them, so this type of social anxiety phobia could really make dating difficult. Falling into the category of a sociophobia has got to be the ultimate in social anxiety disorders. 
Social Phobia, Shyness, Insecurity, Introvert, or Hermit 
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