Different Ways to Say I Love You

It could be your first time saying I love you or it may be the hundredth but how you say I love you can often be just as important as the words themselves are. There are many ways to say that oh so romantic phrase.

I love you can be mushy, gushy, silly, romantic, dredged from the depths of emotion, spoken to say that you are sorry, or simply a phrase to tell someone that you care. There are many reasons to say I love you and every now and then you may find the need for a unique method to voice the words that lie so close to your heart. There are indeed so very many different ways to say I love you.

Love comes in many forms and many degrees of attachment which means that love is many different things to many different people. It is a deep sense of caring, attraction, affection, passion, or kinship to a person, pet, plant, or even to an inanimate object. We say I love you to create an emotional bond, reaffirm an emotional bond, as a term of endearment, to comfort someone, to say we are sorry, to say thank you, to express a feeling of passion, or as an emotional expression of pleasure granted.

Do you ever wonder why we say I love you? Logically we say I love you to express our love to another. Because love is so uniquely individual to each person how we express our affection is also individual to each person who voices the phrase. This means that there really are thousands of different ways and reasons to say these words.​

Say I love you with the gifting of a key. To give the key to your heart to another is a metaphor to show the giving of one's emotions and self to another. It's a very romantic concept and a very sentimental way to say I love you. When you give the key to your heart to another you offer in total trust your complete self to this person. Nothing increases the emotional bonding within a relationship more than offering them access to your heart and home.

Open up and trust. Give the one you love the key to your heart. If you are dating someone then gifting them the key to your home is a symbol of trust and of a desire to see your relationship reach a new level. That is indeed some pretty seriously romantic stuff. Of course there are other keys which can also be given to say I love you. If you are married then the key to a hotel room is a romantic invite to a relaxing get-a-way. It's a wonderful way to say I love and desire you above all others. Be creative. There are many keys which can be given to say I love you.

If you want to get unbelievably romantic in how you say I love you then you can give your love a key to a box or small treasure chest. Inside the chest you place a gift which if you are single is an invitation to marriage, and if you are already married then can be an invitation to renew your wedding vows.​

You are so Beautiful: by Joe Cocker. You are everything I hoped for - You are everything I need. It's a slow romantic love song ideal for a waltz.

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing: by Aerosmith It's a flash from the past song that says just how important spending time with the one you love really means.

Good Morning Beautiful: by Steve Holy is as romantic a song as one can find to let your lady know how much you love waking up next to her.

Amazed: by Lonestar is a love song that says it all. It is one of the number one picks for a wedding song and that kind of spells out exactly how romantic this song is. It's amazing.

When You Say Nothing At All: by Ronan Keating is a mushy gushy almost slushy way to say exactly how much that special somebody means to you.

Remember When: by Alan Jackson A romantic song for a never ending love. Husbands this is definitely the song to play when you say I love you to your wife.

All I Want To Do: Bouncy and fun by Sugarland is a cute little song that really does say 'all I want to do is love you'.

Total Eclipse of the Heart: Bonnie Tyler's unforgettable love song has the ability to reach into your chest to yank the heart right out of it. This is one very emotionally strong love song. It says quite clearly that there is absolutely no one on earth for me other than you.

Don't be Afraid Jump Right in. No Holding Back

Different ways to say I love you without really saying I love you? Sometimes it feels like it isn't quite the right time yet you desperately want to voice those 3 little words to the special someone who spins your emotions upside down. Well there are ways to say I love you without really saying it out right.

1) I love everything about you.

2) I love how you make me feel.

3) I love all the things you do for me.

4) I love your kisses.

5) I love your toes - they are so cute.

6) You make me feel good - I love being around you.

7) I love my world with you in it.​

Say I love you in a delightfully charming way. Say it with balloons. You can tie one or two onto a bouquet or a bag of sweets. You can say it with a single balloon that has the words written on it or if you want to say it with a bang have her walk into a room filled with heart shaped balloons.

Say I love you in a letter or in a little note. People have been writing love letters to each other since virtually the dawn of time (or at least since man first set his chisel to stone that is). So grab a pen, or your closest keyboard, and write out a love note. You can even write it on the bathroom mirror if you like. 

What do you say in a love note? Well anything that you want to. It can be a simple "I love you", a poem, a quote, or it can be some huge mushy gushy outpouring of your love. You can splash your cologne on it, stick on some sparkly Valentine's day stickers, sprinkle glitter all over it, or seal it with a kiss.
It is your love note so you get to decide how you want to do it. Once you are done you can hide it under a pillow, place it at their spot at the table, post it, email it, hide it in the cookie jar, or tape it on the fridge. Say I love you with a sticky note. Being creative is what makes love so very wonderfully romantic.​

S-H-M-I-L-Y: See How Much I Love You. Perhaps one of the most romantic tales of love and romance was written in 1995 by a young girl named Laura (Allen) Hammond. The story was titled Shmily and was the true story of the amazing love that her grandmother and grandfather had for each other.

S-h-m-i-l-y stands for "See how much I love you" and it was a game of romance that Laura's grandparents played with each other throughout the many years that they shared together. 

You can read the story here: Shmily - See how much I love you. It's a story which shows how wonderful simply saying "I love you" really is.So go on and get romantic. It really is okay to say that phrase over and over and over and over again.

If it is your first time saying I love you in a relationship then these words may be more difficult to say. While one person may find it easy to voice I love you early in a relationship, another may have to wait for a deeper level of emotional commitment before they are able to acknowledge love to their partner.

We are all very individual people with different levels of emotional and social vulnerability. Some individuals find it very comfortable to say I love you often to the people who they care about while others only feel at ease to say the phrase in moments of the deepest emotion. 

When is it okay to say I love you for the first time? ​Ideally these words should be said whenever you feel they are appropriate. They should be said as often as one has the opportunity to say them but sadly this is not always the case. Far too often this phrase goes unspoken. 

There is really no defining a right or wrong time to say I love you. I would hope that everyone could say the phrase at anytime and without fear but the timing of the words I love you is for each person to decide.

Say I love you with a memory. Some of the most romantic gestures of love involve a special memory of time spent together. You can recreate your first date, the first time that you said I love you, or your honeymoon.

It's your special memory so you get to choose the time and the place to recreate. Silly, fun, or romantic it truly is the thought that counts. It can be a time, a place, or a moment that somehow just spells out how much your wonderfully important person means to you.

It's your memory so where you go or what you do is completely up to you. Go back in time and say I love you with a memory from the past.It is the little details that can be the most romantic. A simple scent, scene, or flavor will add atmosphere to your date.
We know what we are feeling even if we don't know why. Because the heart sits at the center of the body it was once believed to be the organ which ruled our emotions and thoughts. The early doctors and psychologists researching our body sure had that one wrong.

We are now much wiser so realize that the area controlling thought, emotion, and reasoning is located within the brain yet love remains to be represented by our heart. It's a deeply romantic sentiment. 

We simply cannot live without hearing the cute little ticking of that vital organ. It is also pretty darn difficult to exist without a wee little bit of love in our life so I guess it all makes simple good common sense. Love makes your emotions go wild and your heart do crazy little things that it wouldn't under normal circumstances. So go ahead and be a little crazy when you say I love you. There are plenty of fun ways to say it and voicing those 3 little words really can be fun.

Say it with traditional flowers and candy. People have been doing it for years. Flowers are symbolically gifted for birthdays and anniversaries. New moms are traditionally gifted with flowers on the birth of a child. 

We give flowers when someone doesn't feel well and to congratulate them when something fantastic happens. Flowers are a wonderful way to send your love to a friend, a family member, or your lover.

Men have been courting their lady fair with candy and flowers for centuries. Now with changing roles in our modern society this gesture can be used by either partner to say I love you to their affectionate other.

Of course there is nothing wrong in saying I love you with smoked fish either. There really is nothing else quite as romantic as giving a man a gift of smoked salmon. Try it and see. Each person views romance in their own unique way.

Those three little words can be reassurance to your special someone. Say I love you in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Say those three little romantic words in the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room, and the bathroom. Say it with lots of hugs and kisses.

Say I love you with an, "l will always be here". Love really can last forever if you believe. Cause when it comes to love, and saying I love you, you can just never have too much of that soul mate type stuff reminding you of what this emotional connection is really all about.

Saying I love you comes in many different shapes, forms, colors, and emotions. I love you has many different levels of emotion attached to it. To each person who speaks the words they are unique and always mean so very much to those who say this magical phrase to another. Go on and get all snuggly cuddly. A little hug can go a long way in letting someone know that you care. So big hug or little hug go on and snuggle up with the one you love.

How often do you say that all important phrase? I love you should be a greeting given to all who you care for. It should be accompanied by gestures of kindness, caring, laughter, and love. Couples should say I love you often and in very romantic ways. I love you should be a message lovingly conveyed throughout the day. Married couples should say I love you when they greet each other in the morning and also as the last words spoken before they go to sleep at night.

Children should hear the words I love you throughout their day. It is important for children to know that their parents will always love them, even when that parent is angry at them, and especially when they are sad. When a parent says "I love you" it helps to make the child feel safe.

I love you is a phrase which strengthens emotional bonds. It is a phrase which should be shared often with those who you care for. I love you is a message that comes from the heart. My husband and I say the words accompanied by a kiss or a hug. He is a big old love bug.

I know that I am exactly where I want to be. As he puts on his jacket to leave he says, "okay hon", just like he does every work day. Then I go to the top of the short stairs by our doorway so that he can stretch up to me for a last kiss good-bye and to whisper one more time "I love you hon". We say those little words a lot.

I shut off the radio, and go back to the computer with my cup of coffee where I begin my work day just like I do every day. As I sit here this morning I can't help but think that this is exactly where I want to be. I am perfectly content in my life.

As my husband got ready to go to work this morning either he or I reached out at least a dozen times to touch each other. We shared perhaps a half dozen small stolen kisses throughout the couple hours from the time that we woke till he walked out the door.

Just a quick grasping of hands as we passed each other in the hallway, a hug when we both reached the coffee pot at the same time, a short comforting back rub as we sat. Maybe we touched each other for security, comfort, or reassurance. I am really not sure the reasons for our constant touching of each other.

The atmosphere is still cozy warm with the knowledge that I am safe, I have a home, and I am loved. This is my life and it is wonderful. I am thinking that this is exactly where I want to be.

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