Falling in Love: Chemical Changes in the Brain

Believe if you will that falling in love is controlled by the random act of a little fellow in a diaper as he flies aimlessly throughout the world shooting arrows at those around him. 

Just know that you can run from it but you can't hide and that once you are infected there is no means of erasing the fact that you are indeed in love.

The emotions which we experience when we are falling in love are almost enough to set off fireworks. Love is a powerful emotion and one which most of us will luckily have the pleasure to experience at some point in our lives. Love knows no boundaries and it will infect anyone regardless of one's race, stature, age or intelligence.

Love is possibly one of the most powerful natural drugs available for us to experience. It is raw emotion at its best and it is out there trying to find you. Falling in love sets off a chemical reaction in your brain that can last upwards to two years.

Love changes your emotional chemistry. The symptoms of a cold generally …

My Secret Love

We have all had them, those secret loves that for one reason or another we cannot bring ourselves to tell anyone about. No, not even the person that we desire. 

This secret adoration exists within our hopes, dreams, and imagination but for one reason or another it never manages to develop into anything more. We keep these relationships hidden in our heart because sometimes that infatuation just isn't right and love proves that it isn't all that easy to find.

Love is not always so simple a thing to fall into and my over creative imagination could not help but dwell on this subject a little more than it should. Sometimes we have to work very diligently to find and develop a lasting relationship and that is where this little tale of love gone wrong has come from.

I tried to turn quickly enough to avoid him but there is no hope of that happening. He has already spotted me and his arms are busy flagging me down.
I flash a halfhearted attempt at a smile in his direction and although I a…

Funny Nicknames for a Boyfriend Girlfriend or Spouse

Oh these terms of endearment that we give to the ones that we care so deeply for. Funny little nicknames are the very loving way that we show our partner that we are happy to be close to them.

Do you have a funny nick name for your boyfriend girlfriend or spouse? Perhaps something akin to Dearie, Dollface, Lovie, Pookie, or Sweet Honey Bunches of Ducky Doo.

Sticky sweet, super sentimental, funny, goofy, and often whispered with the deepest emotion from our heart these are the wonderful terms of affection that we give to the one that we love. The nick names that we bestow onto our spouse boyfriend or girlfriend can sometimes be embarrassing but generally they are just plain old cute.

A superhero nickname for a girlfriend boyfriend husband or wife? Yes, there are plenty of those and they tend to be a popular theme for couples. Sir Galahad, my shining knight in tin foil, Superman, Batman, Mr. Fix it, Tarzan, my Honey-do, and my Super hero are just a few of the nick names that a wife or g…

Different Ways to Say I Love You

It could be your first time saying I love you or it may be the hundredth but how you say I love you can often be just as important as the words themselves are. There are many ways to say that oh so romantic phrase.

I love you can be mushy, gushy, silly, romantic, dredged from the depths of emotion, spoken to say that you are sorry, or simply a phrase to tell someone that you care.

There are many reasons to say I love you and every now and then you may find the need for a unique method to voice the words that lie so close to your heart. There are indeed so very many different ways to say I love you.

Love comes in many forms and many degrees of attachment which means that love is many different things to many different people. It is a deep sense of caring, attraction, affection, passion, or kinship to a person, pet, plant, or even to an inanimate object.

We say I love you to create an emotional bond, reaffirm an emotional bond, as a term of endearment, to comfort someone, to say we are sorr…

Soul Mates

As we stumble along our pathway of life we somehow manage to find each other. True love does exist and most individuals will at one point or another in this lifetime find the one person that they will define as their soul mate. 

Do we find this person purely by random chance or is true love a much deeper predestined plan that a person can no more likely alter than we can destiny itself? Do true soul mates actually exist?

Soul mates are so closely bonded it is as though they are one. Love comes in many levels of emotion but it is the depth of emotion, understanding, and loyalty that soul mates feel for one another that defines their union. They share a bond of devotion that holds them strong to one another as though joined of one heart and body.

True love is often found through an accidental meeting but is this pairing of souls predestined to occur? It is a question that many people ask of themselves and their relationships. A person can love many times in life but true love is beyond …

Getting Over an Ex Love

We all carry little pieces of our ex-lovers within us. They appear in the form of a small memory that springs at us out of nowhere. As we go about our day to day activities an emotion creeps in that is reminiscent of a past emotional experience and we know they are the reason.

These ghostly lovers can appear in a warm thought that crosses our mind or in a memory that causes a tear to form in our eyes. The people that we have loved will always be a part of who we have become and for that reason some aspects of them will always be with us. We may even search for some of their same characteristics in our future lovers. 

I used to think that if I could take one unique aspect of each of my past lovers and combine all those ideal qualities together that I would then have my perfect mate. There always seemed to be some individual characteristic of my ex-loves that drew them to me and that made our relationship memorable. From one it was his curiosity and ability to sit and talk for hours about…

Love Junky

Ironically it is a term that is steeped in contradiction. Love Junkie refers to someone who gets off on the emotional high that comes along with being in love yet this individual is someone who is never able to truly be in love.

The love junkie is addicted to the blissful sensations associated with falling in love and this is the reason why he or she is never able to maintain a long term relationship. As soon as the relationship’s intense emotions begin to wane the love junkie moves on. A love junkie sincerely believes that once the intense rush of chemical messages begin to subside that there is no longer love in the relationship.

Love is perhaps the greatest natural high that one can experience and the dizzying emotional experience that accompanies its onset can be confusing. It is a release of chemical messages within the brain that is to blame. Alike a morphine high these chemicals bring an intense emotional rush to the person experiencing their affects and the love junkie is hooke…

Emotional Baggage

The ending of a relationship can be confusing.

For those who have found themselves heart broken and alone it can be quite difficult to begin once again the process of falling in love. Those hurtful emotions can sneak in as you set out to seek the loving companionship of another.

Dating can be a complex adventure at the best of times but just add in a good dose of emotional baggage to the mix and the process of finding true love can become quite a frustrating situation to find yourself in.

Emotional insecurity is simply an aspect of being human and what a complex factor it is. The excess anger and disillusionment that we bring with us into a new relationship can be quite difficult for others to deal with.

So taking a little peek back at my past romantic insecurities this is my tongue in cheek look at emotional baggage. What it is, how we get it, and how we can deal with it. It isn't always a black and white scenario. Just as emotions have a wide range of degrees to them so does emotion…