Sweet Stuff

Love truly is romantic stuff. Emotionally heart wrenching, heart warming, sentimental, and deep. In a bond as strong as iron it holds dear qualities of friendship, dedication, loyalty, and trust. It is funny, cute, charming, and indescribably sweet. Hold onto your heart because Cupid's arrows strike deep.

Different Ways to Say I Love You: There are as many ways to say this phrase as there are reasons to say it. Love comes in many forms and in many different degrees of affection. How do you say I love you?

Funny Nicknames for a Boyfriend Girlfriend or Spouse: We do it because we love them. Sweet, silly, sarcastic, and fun these pet names are gifted to the ones that we love. They are a form of personalization and a reward thanking them for their dedication, loyalty, and trust.

Romantic Home Date Ideas: Married or single sometimes it is nice to lock the door and hide away at home. Staying in does after all insure that there are just the two of you without much chance of an interruption if you turn off your phone. Here are a few ooey gooey sweet home date ideas to help you court the one you love.

Shake off the stress - We don't need that nasty old stuff.

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