Emotional Baggage

Where there are deep emotions there can also be deep hurt. When a love fails it can result in disillusion, insecurity, and distrust. It's referred to as emotional baggage and it can be pretty easy to acquire. Relationships are complex. This index of tips and tales delve into the after effects of a broken heart. 


Emotional Baggage: Relationships are built on loyalty and trust so when one fails there can be a sense of betrayal left behind. Then add in some hurt, anger, bitterness, and what you see is some serious emotional baggage. It can be pretty visible stuff so I've added a little color to the luggage to help you sort it all out.


Love Junky: It is a term that is a contradiction in itself. This individual is addicted to the intense emotions of love yet finds that he or she is never quite able to find their true love. When the emotional intensity begins to wane the love junky moves on.

Getting Over an Ex-Love: Memories that emerge when you least expect them to. A glimpse into the past as you danced, a special melody, or a restaurant you visited flashes through your mind. There are some aspects of our past loves that we will always carry with us.

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