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Falling in Love

Believe if you will that falling in love is controlled by the random act of a little fellow in a diaper as he flies aimlessly throughout the world shooting arrows at those around him. Just know that you can run from it but you can't hide and that once you are infected there is no means of erasing the fact that you are indeed in love.

The emotions which we experience when we are falling in love are almost enough to set off fireworks. Love is a powerful emotion and one which most of us will luckily have the pleasure to experience at some point in our lives. Love knows no boundaries and it will infect anyone regardless of one's race, stature, age or intelligence.

Love is possibly one of the most powerful natural drugs available for us to experience. It is raw emotion at its best and it is out there trying to find you. Falling in love sets off a chemical reaction in your brain that can last upwards to two years.

Love changes your emotional chemistry. The symptoms of a cold generally …

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